Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There's a new store in town!

Of course I said yes when a friend called today to ask if I wanted to check out the new South Austin Newflower Farmers Market. Before leaving home, I quickly scanned the Newflower newspaper flier along with the fliers from two other grocery stores. I wanted to be sure I would get a bargain if I bought anything.

The parking lot was full so we had to park in a nearby neighborhood. On the short trek to the new store, I imagined all the free samples of food and drink that would be offered to us. I wasn’t disappointed when I saw booths and tents lined up around the store. Alas, the offerings were very limited.

“There must be more freebies inside,” I muttered to myself. Wrong again. Oh, a slice of orange here, a chocolate-covered pretzel there. What self-respecting grocery store wouldn’t provide a feast for customers on opening day?

The pound of strawberries I bought for 88 cents was certainly worth the trip. I went ahead and bought a pineapple for 88 cents as well, even though it was more like the size of an artichoke instead of a respectable pineapple.

As a grocery store junkie, I’ve rarely met a grocery store I didn’t like. The verdict, however, on Newflower Farmers Market—which really isn’t a farmers market at all—is out. Way out.


  1. Too bad. I'd love to have a good Farmer's Market nearby.

  2. I so was going to see if you wanted to go today! I think they hgave away a bag of groceries to the first 200 people in the store. Maybe those are the bargains you missed!