Monday, August 3, 2009

Exam Room Etiquette

“Wait, wait,” the doctor cried out as I pulled down my pants. “This isn’t a gynecologist’s office.”

I sheepishly pulled up my britches as the gastroenterologist beckoned me to lie down on the table. She had a different set of manners for getting her work done.

That reminded me of the time I went to another doctor—an internal medicine guy. The nurse handed me a paper top, and I put it on.

When the doctor walked in, he took one look at me and said sternly, “This isn’t a gynecologist’s office.” You were supposed to put that top on with the opening down the back.”

He walked out of the room, and I turned the stylish top around.

Guess I’ve been to way too many gynecological appointments; for the simple act of walking into an examination room causes me to take off my clothes.

I wish I knew the clothing etiquette for nudists in doctors’ exam rooms.