Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summertime in South Austin

My backyard is big enough to hold a small circus. It’s wooded and beautiful and backs down to Little Williamson Creek. When I bought my house in 1996, I thought I’d live in the backyard. And I did for a few years.

Gradually, however, I’ve moved my outside living to my front yard. My swing was the first sign of front yard living. For several years, I’ve sat outside, just a swinging, and greeting my neighbors who saunter by. Several years ago, I started planting my tomatoes in the front yard; several of my reverse-chic neighbors have joined me in front yard gardening. It gives the neighbors lots to talk about when we walk around the hood.

Now my front yard is equipped with a swimming pool—or a South Austin Cold Tub as I call it. Why would I want my precious grandchildren to be hidden in the backyard when all the action is in the front? Along with the pool, there is a kiddie swing for them, too.

This week I reached a new high (or low?) in South Austin Living. While the children were playing in the pool and enjoying the shade of my huge oak tree, I rolled the barbecue pit around from the back yard and cooked some mighty fine pork chops while keeping an eye on the family and greeting the neighbors and their dogs—all in the front yard.

I still have visions of making the backyard a playground for William and Caroline and growing lots of tomatoes and other veggies. But until then, you can find me in the front yard—just a swinging, swimming and barbecuing. Everything they say about South Austin living is true.


  1. Hi there!
    I was just out blog hopping and ended up here. :)
    Thought that it would be rude to pop in, read your posts and then not say hello.
    When we first bought our house 12 years ago I had a huge vegetable garden out back. With 4 kids, the garden gave way to become a pool.
    I really, really miss my fresh tomatoes. I never thought about planting them in the front. And when I think about it .. why shouldn't I? LOL
    Great Blog you have. I've enjoyed reading some of it. Thanks!

  2. Caroline is a south Austin girl, too. She took her first steps in your yard that day!

  3. It is wonderful fun to me to hear from you and even more fun that we can stay in touch with our blogs. Mary Gordon I am so glad I gave you two of my notecards! Let me know if you see a painting that you want more - I'll make it and send it to you. Kathleen the Texas Buspaintings artist.