Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunny side up

My friend Molly walked into Casa Garcia’s this morning carrying a pink egg carton. When she sat down beside me for breakfast, she said, “I brought you some eggs!”

Now I’ve had lots of friends bring me a little something from time to time, but I can’t remember anyone ever bringing me a carton of eggs. What made this gift so special was tha
t Molly and her husband Jon grew these eggs. OK. I’m not sure if you say people grow eggs or not. What I am sure about is that these eggs came from the 12 beautiful chickens that live in the finest chicken coop you’ve ever seen—and that the eggs and the coop belong to Molly and Jon. I got to see the chickens only a few days after they had come to live in this fine coop—before they were laying or doing much of anything else.

Six weeks later, these chickens are doing their thing, and each one usually lays an egg every day—in a variety of colors. And I get to be on the receiving end of the chickens, and Molly’s, bounty.

I’m fixing to rewrite Guy Clark’s song to include eggs: “There are only 3 things that money can’t buy—that’s true love, homegrown tomatoes and homegrown eggs.”

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  1. You could boil those for Easter and not even have to dye them! Cool.

    As a kid, I had an egg hatcher. It was fun to hatch baby chicks. Don't know that they sell those anymore.